Well the dire reasons are: sustainability, conservation, and an urgent need to find a way to grow, harvest, and dispose of life sustaining food for the people, the fauna, and flora. Let's be honest, technology is racing with us and past us at alarming speeds. We all need QUICK and convenient snacks and foods that are easy to microwave at work, quick and effortless to microwave at the airport, and GUILT free disposal, even if your enjoying the great outdoors, you can pour the protein rich and fiber full batter right into a skillet for Presto cakes! Then, use the compostable sugarcane packaging and cellulose baggies as fire starter...


                     For We the People:

                           Working so hard with daily mounting pressures and schedules, new diseases appearing regularly in our youngsters, the health conscience, vegans, and carnivores alike, we need as much organic protien, fiber and vitamin rich, non-GMO food as we can devour.  As fast as our population is growing, it is downright frightening! Let's embrace truly good food that is for the good, all-around.


                    For the Fauna:

                        TEFF is and Ethiopian grain that is SUPER high in protein in and fiber. Long distance runners have used the tiny sensational grain for centuries. "Once solely grown in the rugged Ethiopian highlands, TEFF is popping up in the windswept fields of the American heartland. The demand for TEFF has created a ripple effect that reaches from Addis Ababa to BOISE to D.C." - The Washington Post July 29, 2012.

       At an average weight gain of more than 1#/ day compared to grass hay, It is protein packed grain and hay for domestic animals, wild animals and birds. Inexpensive and reseeding in most climates, the multiple harvests per season provide feed and feed and food for all! We ALL need to get on the "TEFF Train".

       From teff train to SUGARCANE: although primarily an Asian export,  Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Texas and Puerto Rico supply over10% of the world's supply. That number increases every year. As well as sugar, sugarcane is also used as a fuel, production of fiber board, papers and plastics.


                        For the Flora

                      "Could TEFF, an ancient African grain, find a foothold in a warming California?" - Los Angeles Times September  3, 2019  YES!

       5 pounds of TEFF seeds can plant an ACRE of land producing over a ton of grain. TEFF germinates quickly and is usually ready for harvest 35 - 50 days after first planting. Single-harvest hay yields 1.5 to 2.5 TONS per acre (5#s of seed)

Super fast growing TEFF has a range of adaptations, including erosion control by germinating quickly in dry or waterlogged soil,thereby holding nutrients and adding nutrients to deficient soil. 

       While we're at it, JUST SAY NO to palm oil. WE DO!

Found in everything from shampoo to donuts, palm oil is now the most common vegetable oil in the world—and also one of the world's leading deforestation drivers  (

Let's F.!.N.D. a way

Fast Intr!ns!c Nutr!t!ous & Del!c!ous 

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